The leading golf program for juniors

PLAYGOLF is an international junior golfing program.

We teach students between the ages of 6 and 12 years old and our aim is to create competent, confident beginner golfers.

PLAYGOLF supplies all the equipment needed, therefore parents would have no additional expenses when enrolling their child.

We believe that golf is a game for everyone and we will assist your child in reaching their full golfing potential.

20+ years experience

We have been teaching children all over the world for more than 20 years and have more than 40 centres based all over South Africa and abroad!

We teach approximately 5000 children per week throughout our Playgolf centres and we are proud to be the largest junior golfing program in South Africa.

Mobile Driving Range

We build a safe and specialized PLAYGOLF mobile driving range at your child's school or venue.

Equipment provided

We provide all age specific equipment for your child throughout their PLAYGOLF journey.

Curriculum Based

We follow our PLAYGOLF curriculum throughout the year and provide parents with progress reports.

Proven methodology

Our methodology has been tried and tested and has been successful for more than 20 years.

Amazing Coaches

We have amazing coaches who love introducing children to this wonderful sport.

Safety protocols

PLAYGOLF has all the safety protocols in place to keep your children safe.

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why golf for children?

Golf develops business skills

This may sound funny now, especially if your kids are young and the business world seems very far away, however golf does teach decision-making skills, etiquette, working with numbers, planning and using strategies

Golf is a non-contact sport

A low-intensity workout is a great place for kids to start as it won’t over-tax their small, growing bodies. This low-impact activity still provides vital cardiovascular exercise that promotes overall health and staves off obesity.

Golf promotes physical fitness

Golf is a great introductory sport for kids to get involved in, getting them away from the endless available screen time of TV shows and video games and out in the fresh air. Golf utilises important muscle groups which will develop through time.

Playgolf is Worldwide

PLAYGOLF lessons are enjoyed by children all over the world. Lessons are hosted in a variety of different countries such as England, Ireland, Netherlands, USA, Singapore, Switzerland and many more...

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